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About Me

John Gannon

Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor

(931) 552-0110

Quality, perspective, honesty and integrity: my core values are at the center of everything I do. You can count on that. From day one, I’m an advocate for you and your legacy. I believe in your success because I know how hard you’ve worked to get here, and I’m confident about everything you can accomplish in the future. That’s why I’m an advisor for Baird.

I have been involved in the Wealth Management Business for 29 years and have a Bachelor of Business Administration from Iona College which enables me to bring a unique perspective to my clients. In addition, I have a Chartered Wealth Advisor (CWA) accreditation, reflecting my commitment to lifelong learning and growth in the Wealth Management profession.

Although I am in the financial industry, my community is my passion. As the County Commissioner and a member of the Middle Tennessee Wrestling Officials Association, I strive to make a difference in lives every day.

Want to learn more about my practice? Explore the process, values and experience I use to help you get where you are going. My mission is to help guide and support you in order to achieve your dreams.

This is your story.
I can help you write it.